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Below are some key areas we can provide you with assistance in.  To take a look at what type of work we have been involved in click here.

Working with you on a project or helping with a process

Need support for an environmental or resource management issue or project?  Or just need some competent capability folk to pick it up and create the needed result?

Alchemists are experienced in working with processes and/or projects and achieving the required outcomes and information for our clients.  We are knowledgeable across a range of disciplines including science and research, policy review and development and community engagement.

Research,  Collation,  Analysis and Review

Alchemists are able to provide services which focus on the research, collation and analysis of information associated with a particular topic, issue or area.  We can help you use this information to feed into a process or a desired outcome and assist in formulating recommendations relevant to your project or process.

Advice and support can also be provided on information needs and management for policy review and development.

Strategy Development and Business Planning

Trying to work out how to approach an issue, a work stream or prioritising your work? Developing a well thought out strategy is a good start. Alchemists can work with organisations, teams and/or stakeholder groups to develop clear strategies or action plans.  We can help achieve this through a range of skills including experience and well developed facilitation and strategic skills.

GIS Support and Spatial analysis

GIS and spatial tools often play an important part in many projects and processes in today’s work environments.  Alchemists have the ability to provide these services to support the work that we can do for you.

Science Communication and Community Engagement

Communicating science knowledge and research results to end users and stakeholders is often an important outcome for many projects and processes.  It is often critical for the uptake of information to assist in environmental management and achieving  management outcomes.  This can include early planning and engagement as well as at the other end of the process to assist with implementation and uptake.

Alchemists have the ability and experience to assist in linking the work with the implementation.  We can bring strong communication and facilitation techniques to a project or process to help achieve this.


Alchemists can provide facilitation services for organisations and projects.

If you want to run a productive workshop or meeting to achieve some key outcomes then a trained and experienced facilitator can help deliver on your requirements. Alchemists is experienced at running internal, stakeholder, project or issue specific workshops which may include a few participants or multiple participants.

Research and Monitoring Equipment

Another area of expertise is through Alchemist Design.  We use our experience in the science area and our knowledge of field equipment to bring you a range of environmental monitoring equipment.  We have some standard products but are just as happy to talk to you about custom building what you might need for your particular work.  This can include building proto-types and “one-off” equipment needs for specific research or monitoring projects. More >>

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On-line Information Sharing for Projects.

To help achieve all of the above we have developed some helpful tools.  One of these tools is a file sharing, comment and review member’s area on our website

Alchemists often work on projects which have multiple participants – often from different organisations or representing various stakeholders.  We have developed our website and systems to enable a working area for people to view and work on a project through our file sharing area.  This assists with providing a more interactive and streamlined way of working while sharing information and files and collating participant input.


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