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Current Projects

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Projects in Progress

WISE – Waikato Integrated Scenario Explorer

(Waikato Regional Council – current)

 Spatial analysis and modeling of policy issues using the WISE model. Development of user workshops and support material for WISE implementation. Assisting in planning future model improvements and data updates.

Envirolink – Decision Support Systems Directory (Update)

(Landcare Research - Envirolink Contract – current)

The Decision Support Systems (DSS) directory is an Envirolink Tool that was developed as a web-portal in 2012 to provide metadata and case study examples of DSS's that are relevant to regional council business needs. The current work is reviewing this web-portal and adding new DSS metadata and case studies to keep the content relevent.

Envirolink - DSS Directory

Cultural Database - Ngati Tahu Ngati Whaoa

(Ngati Tahu Ngati Whaoa Runanga Trust - current)

Working with this Waikato River Iwi to develop a database to capture and store their cultural and other land information.

Recent Projects

Future Proof – Projections of Future Land Use Change

(Waikato Future Proof - 2016)

Undertook the modelling and analysis of future land use change using the WISE model to provide outputs at a census area unit level that could thenbe used as input for further economic and population modelling to support Future Proof plan development and analysisi of Housing NPS requirements.

Dama Wallaby Management

(BOP Regional Council & Waikato Regional Council – 2016)

Development of a joint cross regional implementation plan for future wallaby management. Undtertook workshops with BOPRC, WRC and Department of Conservation staff to review issues, current management approach and future requirements.

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