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What We Do

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Alchemist Design is a provider of specialist production, design and repair services for environmental monitoring and research equipment.

We provide a varied and flexible range of services to meet as many of your equipment needs as possible and always happy to chat about what you might need.  Our experience in this type of work tells us that sometimes equipment is difficult to source within New Zealand and can often be time consuming and expensive to bring in from overseas.  We may be able to help so contact us to ask a question.  Click here to send us an email

We do have a standard range of products at present and these include:

    ○  Various fisheries sampling  nets      

    ○  Various invertebrate sampling nets

Click here to see the existing range >>

In addition to our standard range we can also provide:

• Specific research equipment design and  production

• Prototype development or one-off productions (click here to see our recent prototypes)

• Repair and maintenance of exiting equipment