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Recent Designs

The following are some examples of one-off designs that were constructed for a specific purpose.

‘Flexing the Invertebrate!!’

 Custom made invertebrate net for working on sloping rip-rap in urban streams. A 500mm wide D-net with a variable angle handle and weighted ‘skirt’ at base of net opening. 

(Photo courtesy of University of Waikato)

Going with the Flow

flow tubeVelocity head tubes based on Ciborowski (Hydrobiologia 222: 109-114, 1991). A clear 25mm acrylic tube with clear measurement tapes to measure upstream level and internal still level for calculating flow velocity.

flow tube






‘How Big’s That Fish!!’

A 300mm fish measurement board. Built in 3mm aluminuim with a stainless steel rule. Built to last a lifetime.

fish sizerfish sizer


‘Childs Play’ - Whitebait net for kids

white bait netThis net was specifically build for children to have a go at whitebaiting as part of environmental education programmes with schools. The net is 4 mm knotless mesh on a 800 x 300 mm frame, and a 1.2 m handle.

white bait net