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About us

Alchemists Ltd is a small two person consultancy company based in Rotorua, New Zealand.  We have a range of skills with strong backgrounds in science, policy and implementation of projects.  We have university backgrounds in earth sciences (hydrology/geology) and biology (ecology).We have both worked in regional government and central government agencies as well as the private sector at times.

Alchemists Ltd can provide a diverse range of skills and knowledge to projects in the fields of environmental and science management.  Key areas we may be able to help you include:

  • Science knowledge in a range of disciplines including ecology, catchment management, water quality, hydrology and soils.

  • Geospatial analysis and geographical information systems (GIS) services.

  • Experience in science monitoring including field work, project implementation and analysis.

  • Knowledge of environmental/conservation frameworks in New Zealand including policy, organisational mandates and management and their application to work projects and processes

  • Project management and technical services for environmental science, research and resource management policy projects.

  • Leading or assisting with project planning, strategy development and business planning.

  • Engagement and facilitation services for science projects, organisational, stakeholder and community groups.

  • Science and environmental communication and community engagement.

  • Provision of specialised monitoring equipment.